October 9-11, 2020

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2020 has been a GLOBAL RESET for us on so many levels!

With things changing day-by-day, this year is pulling women toward more leadership and living life in a truly authentic way. Not just for your own peace & health (which should be #1 on the list) but for the good of your family, community and truly, our world.

When you ignore what's calling you (that business you'd like to grow): your stress level soars, exhausted is a way of life, and your loved ones (whom you've been giving all your precious time & energy to) don't get to experience your best self. I'm asking you outright,

If not now, when??

This Transformational Weekend is for the professional woman:

  • Being pulled to answer the (loud & persistent) Calling on her life to be, do and have more
  • Who isn't interested in climbing to the next rung of the corporate ladder
  • Who wants to pursue her purpose and leave a legacy of courage & confidence behind
  • Tired of spending her time, energy and talent creating an empire for someone else
  • Scrolling social media seeing other women living their best life while feeling both jealous and inspired!
  • Tired of having the same damn things on her vision board every year because she has set aside her dreams for others

This 3 day experience is not for you if:

  • You hate your job and would do anything to be rid of the 9-5
  • You have never thought about owning your own buisness or being your own boss
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
  • You aren't willing to do the inner work required to let go of self-sabotage and unworthiness
  • You have no intention of shining brighter, stepping into leadership and leaving your comfort zone behind



Clarity - Prioritizing Your Purpose Alongside the 9-5

  • Give yourself permission to take the risk of a lifetime
  • Turn frustration into a transition plan toward being a thriving entrepreneur
  • Encounter the YOU inside of your vision board with Kysha's crowd favorite exercise: GIVE - Group Interactive Visualization Experience

Courage - Moving From Fear to Freedom

  • Master the secret to making quick, powerful, aligned decisions
  • Make 'having it all' possible & healthy - Learn Kysha's feminine formula for true balance
  • Your business is you! Stepping into VISIBILITY real-time (prizes awarded!)

Confidence - Believing You Can Do It

  • Make money your BAE - If you want to replace your income
  • Authentic success & leadership in the workplace AND as a boss
  • Learn the difference between CEO vision & employee hustle

Vulnerability and power

Thank you for the moment to help me remember that the power is and always has been inside of me. I just need to "activate" it. (No pun intended)

-Yolanda Stevenson

Congratulations on such a successful event. You created a beautiful community of women who honored each other’s truest selves in both vulnerability and power. Thank you!

- Daryll Santuray-Begonia

It was a movement! 

It was more than just a fabulous event - it was a movement! I am still letting the wisdom settle in, and I know it will be rich. I really appreciated the time spent with so many powerhouse sisters. I see the world differently now.

- Natasha R.

The world needs Activate Your Calling!

-Linda Banks

Safe and loving space filled with wonderful sisters

What made me smile? Kysha's presence. The woman-centric, deeply grounded, spiritual feel. Beautiful space, powerful women. Permission to prioritize ourselves.

-Shari M.

I had a wonderful entrance into self love on the new moon through a retreat lead by Mrs. Mitchell called Activate Your Calling. She provided a safe and loving space filled with wonderful sisters where we expressed, healed, and learned what it truly means to follow our callings.

- LaTossha-Monique Joseph

Meet Your Success Coach

Kysha Mitchell is a certified coach, speaker, wife, mom of teens and an entrepreneur for over 2 decades. She is also a bold and complex mix of inner-city kid, African goddess, spiritual warrior, undercover nerd and light bringer!

Kysha has helped women worldwide step into a calling that enables them to make more money while finally putting their values, health and purpose first. She is a fierce advocate for women owning and living in their truth. Powerhouse women love to work with her because they get strategy that shows them where their power lies, tools they use for a lifetime and clarity that aligns with their heart.

She created Elevate your NOW as a platform for inspiration, expert guidance and community while on the journey to success.

In her words... 

5 years ago, when I made the decision to put my words, my heart & 14 years of study on a vlog (translation: a blog with videos of me in my living room), I had no idea it would turn into a thriving business that would positively touch the lives of hundreds of women.

Before that, I was deep in self-pity for what I believed were my "failures".

I knew I was blessed but constantly felt guilty for wanting MORE.

I was exhausted all the time because I was always "busy".

I had tons of ideas & juggled multiple roles but PROCRASTINATION & FEAR were always with me.

Something in me KNEW there was more waiting for me, that the REAL me needed to shine, and that I was meant to make a difference.

BUT ONLY IF... I could make good money, prioritize my purpose, find the courage I'd used for so many other things and be around other like-minded women who were taking action on their ideas!

I've taken the juiciest parts of my exclusive Triple C Success System that I use to transform the lives of my clients, transformation principles that I've studied for more than a decade and the feminine tools I've used for my own businesses and combined them into


Manifest your vision with laser focus!

Kysha is a Goddess coach who empowers you to manifest your vision with laser focus! Kysha helped me to focus, cut the distractions and receive more than I could imagine in my capital raising efforts! Laser focus was required!

- Kai B. Nortey

You provided a safe space

You provided a safe space and held space for each of us. I recognize the difficulty in that act alone, yet you did so with strength, and grace, humor and gentle leadership.

I want to call out that I “see you”. You are strong, and creative, powerful in your grace while brining truth and healing to the realm of consciousness. That is a beautiful thing!  Thank you so much. We need you!!

- Marie Gunter

Her positive energy is contagious

​Kysha Mitchell is a wonderful speaker and group facilitator!  She shares inspiring, actionable content and her positive energy is contagious.  Her style is friendly and approachable.

- Jenny Kassan


The women that boldly say YES to claiming Oct 9-11 as their launching pad will experience expert guidance, powerful content, a connected and fun virtual experience, an opportunity for intentional networking, and breakthrough exercises!

Your Weekend Schedule...

All times Pacific Standard with breaks for self-care♥️

Day 1: Friday, October 9th, 5:30-8:30pm
Day 2: Saturday, October 11th, 9am-5pm ⭐Elevated Access After-party 6-7:30pm⭐
Day 3: Sunday, October 12th, 9am-5pm

Activation Partners coming soon!

Join us at an Elevated Level to receive:

  • Activated Swag Box! A beautiful box sent to you after the event (yes, snail mail) full of activation items, most from woman-owned businesses
  • Elevated After Party: Join Kysha Saturday night behind the curtain. This is an opportunity to get the raw deal on issues female biz owners only discuss over drinks! "Is it possible for badass women bosses to have a great relationship? What does pleasure (um, the big O) have to do with success? What happens when friends disappear? What about competition?"
  • The Exhale Toolbox - You have too much on your plate. Don't worry about hours of research and wasting money on things that aren't helpful. I call this list "The Exhale" because that's exactly what you'll do when you see that I've compiled tools, systems & resources that take the overwhelm out of operating your business.
  • Lifetime access to all 3 days of training